never give up

Down 6.7 Pounds

I am down in one week alot which I don’t think I have lost that much in week in my life that I can remember for when I was sick or something rom not eating.. My calories are around 1,600a day and 2 High Carbs days that bring me around 2,200 so I am not starving in addition I only did 2 sessions of HIIT lasting 20 minutes and one steady state cardio of 30 minutes. Weight Training has been minimal 3 days week. I am still carrying alot of fat all around especially in the glutes and back of legs as always. I am techinically 11 weeks… I started prep at 12 and usually I start 16 weeks or more.. So this is gonna be a HAIL MARY Attempt.. If I don’t come down smooth enough before then I will just continue dieting until the next show.. Just trying to show an overrall leaner physique.. Muscularity has never been the issue… In fact judges say size is good don’t need to get any bigger just a “bit leaner”…Hmm whats “a bit” 1-2 pounds. drop BF by 0.1% whats a bit..Oh well who knows but..Thats why I am under the guidance of Dr.Layne Norton.. If he don’t think your ready he will say it in a nice way of course. Love working with him. Very supportive and timely when getting back to you. So I will post one pic of this 5’4.5” 153.8ib physique